Scientists4Future International – Website Launch

The Scientists4Future (S4F) International website is now live! The S4F International website is intended to serve as a landing page for scientists who are interested in participating in the S4F movement, finding or starting a regional/local group or national chapter, and networking with and supporting scientists participating in the S4F movement in other countries. Furthermore, materials that have been scientifically approved (including videos, general facts, reports, references, and statements on behalf of S4F International) are available on this website for politicians, decision makers, activists and educators who are interested in collecting reliable expert knowledge on the climate and biodiversity crises, and learning about the S4F movement. This landing page will continually be translated to be made available in as many languages as possible.

To access the websites of other S4F chapters, please visit this page. We are gathering feedback on the newly-launched S4F International website to ensure that it is as resourceful and easy to navigate as possible. To provide feedback, please contact