S4F webinar – Climate Engineering – Our way out of the climate crisis?

The geo-engineering debate is hot, and definitely important to have. From negative CO2 emissions to buying us time to reduce global warming, there are many benefits to exploring the options of geo-engineering and their impact. In this webinar organised by Scientists4Future NL, prof. Frank Biermann will provide his perspective on the geo-engineering debate from a governance point of view.

Frank Biermann is a research professor of Global Sustainability Governance with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University. He’s an internationally leading scholar of global institutions and organizations in the sustainability domain. Biermann pioneered the ‘earth system’ governance paradigm in global change research in 2005 and was the founder and first chair (2008-2018) of the Earth System Governance Project, a leading global transdisciplinary research network of sustainability scholars. He currently directs a 2.5-million EUR research programme on the steering effects of the Sustainable Development Goals, supported by an European Research Council ‘Advanced Grant’.

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