S4F Seminar on June 7th: Climate Change, Planetary Boundaries and the Need for an Environmentally Just Approach

Seminar by S4F Netherlands on Thursday 9 June – 16:00 CEST.

Seminar by Joyeeta Gupta:

There are four interrelated justice issues with respect to climate change. First, at what level should climate change be stabilized and is action commensurate with that level? Second, how has fossil fuel resource use been distributed between countries? Third, how are fossil fuel assets being distributed? And finally, how are adaptation costs being distributed? This presentation focuses on the (a) challenges in setting a planetary boundary for climate change and the way in which responsibilities for achieving this boundary were defined; (b) the challenges with respect to resource use, and (c) emerging challenges on stranded assets; and (d) the challenges with adaptation. It then argues that while governments have sought to address the problem of climate change using cost-effective, technological and efficient market based approaches, without an equitable approach, it is unlikely that the climate change problem will be addressed.